BaptistCare successful in bid for government funding to develop social and affordable housing

Posted by Chris Brennan on 10 March 2017

BaptistCare will partner with the NSW Government to develop and manage social and affordable housing, catering to those most in need across the state, through the Social and Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF). The units will be developed on BaptistCare-owned land and BaptistCare will manage the portfolio over the next 25 years. 

The SAHF is a key component of the NSW Future Directions for Social Housing in NSW strategy that will result in more social and affordable housing dwellings linked to tailored support, to help households gain independence.

BaptistCare is a registered Community Housing Provider under the National Regulatory System for Community Housing. The organisation has been providing affordable housing since 1953, in recognition of the obstacles encountered by many individuals in gaining access to secure and affordable housing.

Of the 500 units to be built and managed by BaptistCare, 76% will be provided to seniors experiencing housing stress. The remaining 24% will be designated for single-parent families where access to affordable housing is critical to the parent maintaining employment or entering the workforce.

The housing will be owned and actively managed by BaptistCare staff. It will also be integrated with BaptistCare’s suite of home services and community services, tailored to resident’s needs to empower them and help foster independence.

The housing will be developed at eight sites across metro, regional and rural locations in New South Wales. Development is in the preparation stages and the housing will be located in areas of need to help meet growing demand and build stronger communities.