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Falls Prevention is Everyone’s Business

Posted by BaptistCare on 5 May 2014

April was “Falls Awareness Month” and BaptistCare Home Services Macarthur ran a number of falls prevention activities, hosting a Falls Awareness Competition and holding a falls awareness information stall at the Harrington Park plaza, both aimed at reducing falls by the elderly. 

With falls one of the major causes of harm to older people, this is a priority area for BaptistCare to ensure our clients stay healthy and independent for as long as possible.

BaptistCare’s Home Services Care Improvement Consultant Jenny Venman said the falls awareness information stall was designed to offer prevention information and communicate to the ageing public the key ways that they can avoid fall-related injuries.

“The good news is that falls are not an inevitable part of getting older.  Falls can be prevented and the risk of injury reduced,” she said.

Information about the many ways the elderly can reduce their risk of injury from a fall, such as having the correct footwear and staying physically active, were given out to passers-by at the Harrington Park information stall.

Fridge magnets, pens, post-it notes and bookmarks were handed out to remind the local community about falls prevention.

In April, Macarthur Home Services also held a fall awareness quiz show for BaptistCare staff, hosted by quiz-master “Franny Falls-A-Lot” with trivia questions on caring safely, falls risks and “guess the celebrity injury”.  The winner was crowned “Legend of the Falls”.

“No other single injury, including road trauma, costs the health system more than injuries resulting from falls,” said Ms Venman.

“We hope that our continued education of staff and awareness-raising with clients can make a major dent in the incidences of falls across our services.”