Our RESPECT Approach

BaptistCare is committed to providing care and services to all people based on our RESPECT approach. We acknowledge the unique background and individuality of each person and are committed to provide a sensitive, well informed, professional and safe environment where all people feel individual, connected and respected.

We value diversity in many forms and strive to provide an atmosphere that honours diverse cultures, traditions, diversity in age, ability, education, life experiences, sexual orientation and gender identity, spiritual and religious beliefs. 

BaptistCare supports and affirms the rights of all people and seeks to challenge and eliminate all forms of discrimination and harassment.

We are dedicated to enhancing and sustaining the health and well-being of our residents, clients, staff and volunteers by creating inviting, open and inclusive spaces.

We seek to build genuine caring communities where people can be free to be themselves without fear of judgment and where each person’s uniqueness and diversity is respected.

BaptistCare has developed four RESPECT Approach Guides

We are committed to an ongoing process of raising awareness of diversity through the provision of information and education, and by modelling the world we envisage through our attitude and everyday actions.

To request a copy of any of these guides, please Contact Us

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