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Mayfield, NSW

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Food & emergency relief support available right now

HopeStreet is ready and able to support people and families with food and emergency relief support via pick up or delivery to you. Anyone in need or struggling to afford food can visit or call us today. Our Community Centre is currently closed, but we are still providing support services via phone and our drop in space is still operating. Social distancing and public health measures are in place to protect our clients and our staff.

Our current opening times and days are:
Monday - Friday, 9.30am - 3.00pm
or call us on 4032 5288 or 0411 359 628.

Emergency relief by appointment.

Our HopeStreet - Mayfield centre is a welcoming place for people living with disadvantage in the local community, where they can find hope and support every day.

Whether it be a healthy meal when it is needed most, an opportunity to shower and wash clothes, having someone to sit and talk to and share thoughts, feelings and worries, or addressing key issues including social and financial exclusion, mental health challenges, drug and alcohol dependence and housing needs - providing hope is the lifeblood of what we do.

Living a life with issues that many people don’t understand or have preconceptions about can leave people feeling isolated. It is at Mayfield that friendships are formed and people feel valued and welcomed in to a community that understands them.

We admit that we can’t fix the world. But we can do something and that something is to provide hope to people who need it.

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