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Chris' Story

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Out And About With Chris

Chris, a retired truck driver is one of many seniors whose quality of life and independence has blossomed with the help of BaptistCare at home.

When Chris’ wife and the love of his life, Valerie died seven years ago, Chris’ world changed.

One day while at the supermarket, Valerie struck up a conversation with a stranger. The three became friends, and through their new-found connection, Chris and Valerie first heard about BaptistCare and their social support services.

That encounter planted a seed for Chris, who realised after Valerie passed away that he needed help getting out and about, as well as the opportunity to socialise with other like-minded people.

Chris, now 72, receives support through BaptistCare’s domestic assistance and community transport, as well as getting out and about with the social support program.

He enjoys getting out and about on regular trips and lunches out.

“When we go out, I try and be helpful. I can’t stand back and watch other people do things if I’m capable of doing it. I’ll get off the bus first and I’ll put my hand out and I’ll help the ladies out of the bus, and if there’s a [wheel] chair that needs pushing I’ll do that,” says Chris.

"It keeps me active, it keeps me going. And the smiles I get from everybody is what pays, that’s the dividend for being helpful.”

“The last six years has been great with BaptistCare looking after me, being there, I know I can talk to all the ladies there, all the employees, and some of them are extremely good people.“

Maintaining independence at home looks different for everyone, so customers can tailor a combination of care to support their wellbeing and enable them to continue to do the things they love.

If you or someone you love is looking for help to remain socially active and engaged with the community, contact BaptistCare on 1300 275 227 or visit