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COVID-19 Hotspots NSW

BaptistCare is committed to keeping our residents, customers and staff safe by following the advice and information issued by NSW Health. We will continue to update this webpage with any recent changes to the NSW Hotspots.

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Important Notice for all staff and visitors

Our BaptistCare locations in both NSW and the ACT are excluding staff and visitors who have:

  1. been in the State of Victoria in the last 14 days
  2. been to any of the COVID-19 case locations in New South Wales listed on the NSW Government website:
  3. For BaptistCare Staff only: If you have had close contact (face-to-face contact for more than 15 minutes or shared a space for than 2 hours) with someone who has been to any of the above locations, you are also required to not attend work for the 14 day period. This period begins from your first interaction with this close contact after they visited a COVID-19 case location.

Important Notice: To all aged care home staff and visitors

We strongly request that family and visitors limit visits to our homes wherever possible, and we encourage you to use alternate options including phone or video calls, or the Safe Visitor Spaces.

If you do need to visit, effective from Saturday 25 July all visitors are required to wear a surgical mask when visiting a BaptistCare aged care home.

  1. Aged Care Homes are not allowed any visitors (visitors performing essential caring functions may be allowed but must wear a mask) who have been in the following locations in the last 14 days: The State of Victoria, been in Shepparton, VIC, in the previous 14 days, ALL COVID-19 case locations outlined by NSW Health, these LGAs: Camden LGA, Liverpool LGA and the suburb of Lakemba.
  2. All aged care staff must wear a surgical mask while at work, effective Thursday 6 August.
  3. Anyone with fever or respiratory symptoms, even mild, should be excluded from the facility. They should be advised to isolate at home and seek COVID-19 testing.