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COVID-19 Updates: Community Housing

Caring for our clients through COVID-19.

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Keeping You Safe

It’s important our clients feel safe and cared for, and continue to access services in their local communities. We know how important it is for the physical and mental wellbeing of people in our Housing communities to stay connected to family, friends and each other.

Here’s how we’re keeping our Housing communities safe during this time.

Communal Spaces

For communities inside the Greater Sydney area:

  • Under the current Stay At Home orders all communal spaces are closed.

For communities outside the Greater Sydney area:

  • Across all of our communal spaces in our communities, we are following the government guidelines of 4 square metres per person inside and 1.5 metre social distancing. This may mean less people can use the community spaces at the same time. This includes our playgrounds, Men’s Sheds and BBQ areas. We ask you to be courteous of other people in these spaces and change your plans if you think the number of people in the space exceeds the 4 square metre rule.
  • Please ensure you wear a facemask when using all indoor and outdoor communal spaces, and practise good hygiene measures. We have issued an order requiring people to wear masks in their common areas, so as soon as they get into the apartment building, they are required to put a mask on," she says.

Contact your local Housing Manager for further information about the communal spaces open in your community.

Visitors To Your Home

For communities inside the Greater Sydney area:

Under the current Stay At Home orders, you are not allowed visitors to your home except in exceptional circumstances, including:

  • Essential services and repairs
  • Compassionate visits for anyone who lives alone
  • The delivery of essential goods such as groceries

We suggest you continue to ask all visitors the 3 screening questions about their health and to complete the visitor form.

For communities outside the Greater Sydney area:

Under the current Stay At Home orders, you are allowed to have 5 visitors in your home at one time, including children.

  • Any visitors should practise good hygiene habits such as using hand sanitiser or regularly washing their hands. If they feel unwell, your visitor should remain at home until they feel well again.
  • We encourage people over 70 years of age, or those with compromised immune systems to consider reducing the number of visitors to your home for your own safety and wellbeing.

Contact your local Housing Manager for visitor forms or further information about hosting visitors in your home.

Download the visitor form

Cleaning and Hygiene

Offices are open, staff are on-site and we continue to encourage you to make contact by phone. Hand sanitiser is available in our site offices for you to use when you visit the office.

It’s important you scan the Service NSW QR code when you enter the office and wear a facemask.

If your community has self-serve tea and coffee facilities, disposable cups and cutlery are available for you to use, or you can also bring your own cup. Hand sanitiser is available for use at these facilities, and regular cleaning of communal spaces takes place.

Contact your local Housing Manager for more information about cleaning and hygiene practices in your community.