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Narellan/Elderslie Development

We'll be using this page to communicate with our Narellan neighbours about our community housing project.

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We strongly believe this housing project has many long term benefits for both the local community and the broader Macarthur area, as well as for seniors and families, where access to affordable and secure housing is integral to their overall wellbeing.

We want our neighbours and local community members to be well informed of our plans and appreciate your feedback with regard to our development plans.

Construction News & Updates

  • Builders MJH Multi are currently 70% of the way through the construction of the development.
  • The main construction work for all 122 dwellings has been completed (brickwork and roofing) and current focus is on internal finishes to dwellings, and landscaping.
  • Construction will take place within the approved DA hours which are 7am to 5pm, Monday to Saturday inclusive.
  • The new Environmental Planning and Assessment (COVID-19 Development-Construction Work Days) Order 2020 now allows for work on Sunday between 7am and 5pm, to enable the construction industry to continue its vital work safely, while facilitating social distancing on construction sites. The Order can be viewed here.
  • All effort will be made to limit trades on Sundays to those that are less noisy, where possible.
  • All access to the site will continue to be via Bowerman Road.
  • Construction will be completed in September 2020.

If you have any questions about the construction or would like any information about the project, please contact Michael Shapter from MJH Multi on 0438 996 574.

About Our Community Housing

With an ageing population, increasing pressure on the housing market and rising costs of living, it is becoming more difficult for people living with disadvantage, especially seniors, to access affordable housing and support services. Therefore increasing access to affordable and community housing is a key strategic priority for BaptistCare.

Our housing is actively managed by BaptistCare staff and will be integrated with our suite of services, such as home care services and community services, to foster the wellbeing and independence of our residents.

Watch our community housing video below or click here to read more about our community housing.

Our Narellan development is in partnership with the NSW Government, to develop and manage social and affordable housing, catering to those most in need across the state, through the Social and Affordable Housing Fund (SAHF).

The SAHF is a key component of the NSW Future Directions for Social Housing in NSW strategy that will result in more social and affordable housing dwellings linked to tailored support, to help households gain independence.

We know that many social and emotional issues can stem from, or be exacerbated by, not having a safe place to call home. We are privileged to be in a position to provide additional affordable housing supply and our site in Carlingford is ideally located given it is well-serviced by public transport and close to jobs, facilities and amenities.

According to the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, affordable, safe and reliable housing is now more critical than ever as people face financial stress and job uncertainty, especially due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our experience shows that a lack of affordable, appropriate housing leads to greater disadvantage and impacts people’s health and overall wellbeing.

Our approach to affordable community housing goes beyond providing a roof over people’s heads. Our housing is actively managed by BaptistCare staff and will be integrated with our suite of services, such as home care services and community services, to foster the wellbeing and independence of our residents.

You can learn more about BaptistCare’s approach to community housing here: Video

About BaptistCare

As a leading not-for-profit community care organisation, BaptistCare provides practical care to the community through four main services, consisting of housing and retirement living, residential aged care, community services and home services.

BaptistCare has been supporting seniors and families facing disadvantage in the local community for more than 70 years.

In fact, our Carlingford site was the birthplace of our very first aged care centre – or Elderly Ladies Home as it was then known – back in 1953.

BaptistCare is a registered Community Housing Provider and we are committed to continuing our support of the Carlingford community by ensuring everyone has access to secure and affordable housing.

Read more about BaptistCare

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this development application, please don’t hesitate to be in touch.

David Cowdery – General Manager Property
M: 9023 2500

If you have any questions about our Community Housing, please also be in touch.

Mike Furner - General Manager Housing and Retirement Living
M: 0418 970 780

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