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CareCall Emergency Response

The INS Group proud owners of CareCall 

BaptistCare is pleased to announce that The INS Group are now the new owners of CareCall and have taken over the maintenance and monitoring of CareCall services.

If you are an existing customer of CareCall please be advised there are no changes to the CareCall services provided to you and there is no action required from you. Your reliable CareCall service will continue to operate the same. If you would like to understand more, you may like to review our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.

If you would like to speak to someone, you may contact BaptistCare on 1300 275 227, or The INS Group on 1800 636 226.


Are you interested in INS CareCall?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Who is The INS Group?

    The INS Group currently incorporates INS LifeGuard, provider of next generation SmartHome Medical Alarm and TeleHealth Systems, and INS Technologies, developer of health-related technologies. The new INS CareCall division will handle the supply and maintenance of your existing alarm hardware, whilst monitoring of any alarms will be provided through INS LifeGuard’s unique Emergency Response Centre, which is staffed by qualified nurses.

  • Why has BaptistCare decided to sell CareCall?

    BaptistCare has come to the decision that whilst the organisation continues to provide services that support people to live independently at home, the CareCall service is outside the direct range of services which we intend to directly provide in the long term. We decided that the INS Group (INS LifeGuard) who are specialists in this area, could provide our valued customers with additional value and support

  • I am a BaptistCare Village resident. Do I need to update my payment details?

    There is no change in your current CareCall cost or payment structure. The fortnightly recurrent charge that BaptistCare direct debit from your bank account will continue to cover the cost of your current CareCall service.

  • My Home Care Package pays for CareCall, do I need to do anything?

    No action is required by you, your package will cover the cost of CareCall as it currently does. There is no change for the service for at least the next 12 months.

  • Will there be service interruption?

    No, your service will continue as per usual, we encourage you to wear your pendant at all times (even in the shower) and push the pendant if you need any assistance. INS would like you to send a test alarm at least once a month. Simply push your pendant and when the nurse answers, just tell them you are testing.

  • Are there any benefits to the change for me?

    Yes, when your pendant is pressed in an emergency or health related issue your call will now be handled by a qualifed nurse who will:
    1. Be able to give you medical advice
    2. Dispatch emergency services if required, while staying in constant communication with you
    3. Notify your family and other caregivers at your request
    4. You will have access to a free health information line and Chat line. The INS Group also have a range of additional services which we’d encourage you to explore on their website www.theinsgroup.com.au

  • Is there any change in cost to me?

    INS LifeGuard has committed to no change in cost for at least 12 months

  • When will I receive my first INS invoice?

    Your billing renewal dates will remain unaltered. Invoices will be issued in line with your existing billing cycle.

  • CareCall holds my personal details, how can these be transferred over?

    The transfer of your current personal data has been done with the highest possible security. If you need to make any changes to your details, INS Lifeguard will provide you with an opportunity to do so when they provide you with their Welcome Kit.

  • Is BPAY available with INS?

    Yes, Bpay is available. INS LifeGuard will include all payment information in the Welcome Kit that will be sent to you shortly.

  • I was paying by direct debit, will this continue?

    Yes. Direct debit will still be available. INS LifeGuard will include information on direct debits in the Welcome Kit that they will shortly send you.

  • Do I have to do anything now?

    No action is required. Your current personal information on BaptistCare CareCall systems has been transferred to INS LifeGuard.

  • What happens next?

    You will be receiving correspondence in the mail from INS LifeGuard. This includes a Welcome Kit that will allow you to update your personal details, contact information and medical information. There will also be information on how to make your ongoing payments.

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