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Our Bankstown centre is a caring hub providing transformational care to the lives of many families and individuals every day.

Our Counselling & Family Services are still operating, providing counselling appointments via phone, Zoom or Skype. Please call our team for an appointment: 1300 130 225

Due to life’s complexities, too often people are faced with circumstances they don’t have the tools, confidence or support to deal with effectively. Broken relationships, domestic and family violence or abusive relationships are significant traumas in life that can leave people not only hurt, but feeling out of control, helpless and not knowing where to turn to.

Our team at Bankstown seeks to provide a hope that so many have found, because this is where healing happens, where openness and honesty is encouraged and where lives truly begin to be transformed.

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No Interest Loans - Bankstown
We support low-income earners by providing small loans with absolutely no interest, fees, charges or penalties. We also teach our clients budgeting skills and financial literacy to empower them to make informed financial decisions. Loans can be used for purchasing significant household items such as bedding, furniture, white goods, computer equipment, medical and dental costs, green slips and car repairs. Loans are available to people who: - Are on a low income - Are receiving income support from Centrelink - Hold a Centrelink concession card - Have lived in their current accommodation/residence for at least six months - Have a willingness and capacity to repay a loan See below for a list of Bankstown Centre partners in providing NILS services: Georges River LifeCare 23 Stanley Street Peakhurst, NSW 2210 02 9153 6300 Heart Beat Community Care Shop 1/5 Amy Street, Regents Park NSW 2141 02 9645 5255
No Interest Loans For Families Impacted By Domestic Violence - Bankstown
We support families impacted by domestic violence by providing loans absolutely free of interest, fees, charges or penalties. Loans can be used for a range of expenses to help women and their family’s ‘start over’. This may involve buying new bedding, furniture, moving costs, vehicle repairs or registration, buying children's’ books or uniforms, or to assist with medical, dental and new employment costs such as a computer. The program is made available to women who: - have recently experienced domestic and family violence - receive income support from Centrelink - have been referred by an organisation that works with women and domestic violence - agree to continue working with a counsellor or case worker - have a willingness and capacity to repay a loan See below for a list of Bankstown Centre partners in providing NILS services: Georges River LifeCare 23 Stanley Street Peakhurst, NSW 2210 02 9153 6300 Heart Beat Community Care Shop 1/5 Amy Street, Regents Park NSW 2141 02 9645 5255
Facing Up
Facing Up is a program for courageous and determined men to move beyond their familiar destructive patterns and instead create safe and respectful relationships. Facing Up will help men to examine their behaviour, explore the role of power and control in relationships , and challenge unhelpful stereotypes about what it means to be a man. When: The program runs for two hours a week for 16 weeks. Cost: Fees apply - call for details Where: Get in touch with a centre near you for a flyer and details on the next course
Not In My House
'Not In My House' is an award winning DVD and group work book resource. It is for skilled trainers and group facilitators to support them in exploring the dynamics of domestic and family violence and its impact on women and children. Professionals with extensive experience in the field of domestic violence are invited to use this resource for practitioner training and in men's behaviour change group work. To order the manual and dvd please contact 02 4624 8700 or email
Living Beyond Abuse
Living Beyond Abuse is a support group for women who have experienced domestic violence. Being a part of the group allows women to meet others in similar situations, support each other, improve self esteem, reduce self blame and explore available options for deciding the future. Cost: Free service Course: 2.5 hours for nine weeks When: Contact your closest centre for the next available course
Circle of Security
Circle of Security is a parenting program that helps parents be in tune with their children's needs and build strong and loving relationships. The course helps parents understand their responses to their children's behaviour, create a feeling of security for their child and build their self esteem. It also explores strategies in supporting their child's emotional development and resilience for school and life. Course Length: Two hours a week for 8 weeks For course fees, location and information on the next course starting date please get in touch with your closest centre.
Pathways To Parenting
Pathways To Parenting is a specialised eight week parenting program for parents who have children in out of home care due to child protection concerns and who want to build stronger relationships with their children. In this program parents can openly share their stories and experiences, deal with issues of grief and loss, look at how to repair what went wrong and explore the parent they want to be. Course length: 2.5 hours a week for eight weeks For information on the cost, location and date of the next program please contact your closest centre.
Counselling & Family Services

Positive relationships have the power to transform lives. To support this, we provide counselling and family services, relationship support programs and training in a range of specialised areas. Our clinically trained staff are here to support people through complicated life circumstances. We stand by our clients through times of family separation, divorce, adolescence, depression, domestic violence, sexual abuse and suicide. This work is underpinned by the belief that each person is unique, loved by God and worthy of respect, dignity and inclusion. By respecting this individuality we continue to create safe environments where personal wellbeing can thrive.

Domestic Violence Programs
We actively support individuals and families impacted by domestic violence by: - Providing crisis and medium-term accommodation for women and children escaping domestic violence. - Assisting women and children to secure long-term housing as they rebuild their lives. - Offering counselling services to men, women and children. - Making finances available through no-interest loans. - Developing resources aimed at reducing domestic violence in the community.

Contact BaptistCare directly for all enquiries about this facility and its services, or general care information.


Level 2, 402-410 Chapel Rd
Bankstown NSW, 2200

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(02) 8713 4333

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9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Bruce Chan - Centre Manager