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About Our Community

Our Grafton Community Centre is based out of The Hub Baptist Church and offers a range of services including access to low-cost nutritional food, no interest loans, client referral and advocacy.

It's a caring hub, where community members can come to connect. Respecting the individuality of all, the centre is a safe and welcoming place where people living with disadvantage can address key issues including social and financial exclusion, mental health challenges, drug and alcohol dependence, and housing needs. 

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Who We Are

We are proud of the work we do, the services we deliver and the programs we offer – but most of all, we are proud of our community. This is what makes BaptistCare special. We are a community of people who respect individuality and seek to empower one another to live well.

We are passionate about creating strong and caring communities that value personal well-being and each other. When these values are shared, it has the potential to transform lives. At BaptistCare we encourage independence whilst strongly valuing the connections we share within our community. These shared values validate our brand promise that in everything we do, we do 'Because we care'.


No Interest Loans

We support low-income earners by providing small loans with absolutely no interest, fees, charges or penalties. We also teach our clients budgeting skills and financial literacy to empower them to make informed financial decisions. Loans can be used for purchasing significant household items such as bedding, furniture, white goods, computer equipment, medical and dental costs, green slips and car repairs. Loans are available to people who: - Are on a low income - Are receiving income support from Centrelink - Hold a Centrelink concession card - Have lived in their current accommodation/residence for at least six months - Have a willingness and capacity to repay a loan. Click here to apply for a NILS loan. 

Low Interest Loans (StepUP Program)
We provide low interest loans to individuals and families on low incomes who hold a current Centrelink Concession Card or receive Family Tax Benefit Part A. Interest is charged at a fixed low rate and loans can be repaid over three years. The loans offer between $800 and $3000 for personal or household expenses. These expenses may include but are not limited to: - Household Items including fridges, washing machines, and furniture - Car expenses and repairs - Computer needs - Medical and Dental expenses - House repairs
Food Support
Our Community Centre provides vulnerable and disadvantaged people with access to much needed food services such as low-cost groceries and crisis food packs. Follow these 4 easy steps to access our food support services: 1. Visit one of the shops during opening hours 2. Fill out a registration form and receive a registration card 3. Select your grocery items and enjoy a coffee or tea 4. Pay a small donation and collect your groceries
Community Space
The Community Centre plays an integral role in the Newcastle community as safe and welcoming place for homeless persons and people living on the margins. The Centre provides a place where some of the most lonely and vulnerable people in our community are supported to address key issues, such as personal health, drug and alcohol dependence, mental health and housing needs. Responding with compassion, practical care and support, the service assists clients in developing skills to build independence and resilience.
Client Support

BaptistCare recognizes the individuality of all our clients and seek to provide tailored, person-centred care. At our Maitland Centre we have a trained staff member who can meet with you or your family to address specific relevant issues, with the goal of enhanced wellbeing, resilience and independence.

Referral Support

Referring our clients to appropriate government or other service agencies to assist in meeting their individual and family needs

Emergency Relief

Emergency Relief is assistance in the form of food and vouchers for a range of essential products and services such as clothing, water and electricity

Contact BaptistCare directly for all enquiries about this facility and its services, or general care information.


158 Oliver Street
Grafton NSW, 2460

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1300 275 227

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9am - 5pm
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