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Our centre at Port Kembla has a rich history of providing heartfelt care and support to people living with disadvantage for many years.

This is the place people depend on every day for social connection, a nutritious meal and a friendly chat to share life’s struggles with.

There is so much love in the hearts’ of the staff and friendly volunteers here and this can be clearly seen in their interactions with the people that visit this space.

The people who visit us often go days without life’s basics, such as food and a shower. The care our team provides goes beyond these basic needs, offering support with issues such as social and financial exclusion, mental health challenges, drug and alcohol dependence and housing needs. 

We are the heart of the Port Kembla community and the hope for many people who are living on the margins.


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Drop-in Centre
The Community Centre plays an integral role in the Port Kembla community as a drop-in centre for street-based sex workers, homeless persons and people living on the margins. The Centre provides a safe-place where some of the most lonely and vulnerable people in our community are supported to address key issues, such as personal health, drug and alcohol dependence, mental health and housing needs. Responding with compassion, practical care and support, the service assists clients in developing skills to build independence and resilience.
Supported Accommodation

BaptistCare provides supported accommodation to women and children escaping domestic violence. Accommodation locations are undisclosed to protect our client's privacy and to ensure their safety. All families have access to individual counselling as well as a range of ongoing supportive, educational, financial and parenting programs tailored to meet the individual's needs.

Wholesome Meals
Our Community Centre provides regular sit-down meals, offering a wholesome meal and an opportunity to build positive relationships in a safe and welcoming place.

Contact BaptistCare directly for all enquiries about this facility and its services, or general care information.


Corner of Darcy Road & Old Port Road
Port Kembla NSW, 2505

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Phone Number

(02) 4298 2800

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Visiting Hours

9:15am - 2.00pm
Monday to Friday

Dianne Frohmuller, Centre Manager