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A safe and trusted place where people can come for help.

HopeStreet - Wellington is situated in a community that is experiencing multiple forms of disadvantage. Often referred to as the “Ice Capital of Australia”, our work in Wellington is at the very street level, where we aim to offer practical support and hope to the community.

Our central focus here is to meet one of the most basic human needs; the need for low-cost and nutritional food. Our work here is to provide food support and alleviate the food affordability crisis that leaves many individuals and families struggling to place a meal on the table and groceries in the cupboard.

Our team at Wellington is passionate about making a difference and bringing hope to the lives of many, being a safe and trusted place where people can come for help.

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No Interest Loans

We support low-income earners by providing small loans with absolutely no interest, fees, charges or penalties. We also teach our clients budgeting skills and financial literacy to empower them to make informed financial decisions. Loans can be used for purchasing significant household items such as bedding, furniture, white goods, computer equipment, medical and dental costs, green slips and car repairs. Loans are available to people who: - Are on a low income - Are receiving income support from Centrelink - Hold a Centrelink concession card - Have lived in their current accommodation/residence for at least six months - Have a willingness and capacity to repay a loan. Click here to apply for a NILS loan. 

Food Support
Our Community Centre provides vulnerable and disadvantaged people with access to much needed food services such as low-cost groceries and crisis food packs. Follow these 4 easy steps to access our food support services: 1. Visit one of the shops during opening hours 2. Fill out a registration form and receive a registration card 3. Select your grocery items and enjoy a coffee or tea 4. Pay a small donation and collect your groceries

Contact BaptistCare directly for all enquiries about this facility and its services, or general care information.


77 Swift Street
Wellington NSW, 2820

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02 6845 3779

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Karen Windley, Centre Manager