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Having a connection to the community is vital for your wellbeing and happiness. Whether it takes the form of a trip to the shops, meeting friends at your local club, or keeping up with your hobbies, remaining involved in society will keep you independent and allow you to live a happier, more fulfilled life.

We can help you connect with your community through social groups, your church, carer and support groups, volunteering opportunities and by helping you to attend special events and celebrations.

We can also provide transport services as part of your home care package. We can support you by providing a car and care worker to help you with your shopping, to attending appointments and social functions, to visit friends, go to church or just get out and about.

You can also get more involved in your local community by attending one of our social clubs, where you’ll find companionship, meals, activities, bus outings and entertainment. When you visit a BaptistCare social club, it’s often a win-win situation for you and your carer. You have the chance to get involved in a range of physically and mentally engaging activities, while your carer gets a little me-time to focus on their own needs.

For more information on about BaptistCare Your Community home care services in NSW and ACT, call 1300 275 227.

out and about

Out and About

Whether you enjoy taking trips to the shops or meeting friends at your local club, community connections are important. If your regular carer or transport isn’t available, we can provide a car and care worker to transport and accompany you.

We can help out on either an occasional or regular basis, meaning you can keep on enjoying your favourite activities.

relaxing activities

Relaxing Activities

Rest and relaxation are important for maintaining your physical health. They are also wonderful for helping those suffering from anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure. Reduced stress levels have been linked to a myriad of health benefits, as well as an improved quality of life.

We offer a range of relaxation activities, some of which are movement-based and some of which require stillness and reflection. Stress-relieving activities include yoga, prayer, meditation, tai chi and relaxation exercises.


Spiritual Activities

A spiritual practice can help individuals find a greater sense of purpose and more meaning in their lives.

We support a wide variety of spiritual pursuits and activities and are committed to making it easier for you to observe your faith. Our spiritual activities cater for a wide range of different beliefs, including various Christian denominations.

Our spiritual services include prayer and worship, spiritual reflection, meditation, celebrations and religious rituals.

And because we want to support you physically, emotionally and spiritually, we offer a chaplaincy service as part of our ongoing care. The chaplains who work at BaptistCare have been trained to respond to individuals’ needs and can offer a sympathetic ear, a compassionate presence, confidential assistance, prayer, sacrament and other religious rituals.

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To discuss how you may be able to use BaptistCare's Your Community services, call us on 1300 275 227.

1300 275 227

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