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Your Independence - Independent Living Services

A sense of independence is crucial to most people’s sense of wellbeing and enjoyment of life. We understand this and offer a range of services designed to keep you independent, safe and secure in your own home.

Our Allied Health services may be just what you need to make the most of your life. These include physiotherapists and occupational therapists who can work with you to improve your overall health and fitness. Following a spell in hospital or other major health challenge, they can provide you with exercises to improve your strength, walking programs, health and fitness programs, and re-ablement strategies.

Our occupational therapists can help with home-safety assessments, fall-prevention programs and any equipment and home modifications you might need. Whether you need equipment like a walking frame to help you get around your home easily or home modifications such as grab rails and ramps, BaptistCare can help.

BaptistCare’s Your Independence services can help you learn how to use various forms of technology, including to use the Internet for banking, paying bills, shopping or staying connected with friends and family via Facebook and Skype. Meanwhile, the CareCall Emergency Response Service ensures help is at hand should you suffer a health or personal emergency while at home. Simply press the button and your emergency call will be immediately answered. Action will then be taken to make sure you are safe and well.

For more information on home care services available in NSW and ACT, call 1300 275 227.

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Allied Health Support

Allied Health professionals can help to ensure that your health and wellbeing needs are optimised. By accessing BaptistCare’s Allied Health support services, you’ll improve your chances of leading a safe and independent life as well as lifting your overall quality of life.

Our Allied Health services include occupational therapy and physiotherapy assessment and intervention. These services are provided using a wellness and re-ablement approach and are especially beneficial following illness, injury or during an episode of general decline.

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Home Modifications & Equipment

If you’re able to perform basic daily tasks around the house, you’re likely to feel more independent, more comfortable and safer. You’re also more likely to be able to stay in your own home longer. We can facilitate this by making modifications to your living space that make it easier to get around, care for yourself and carry out your chores.

We can assist with home modifications and provide equipment such as grab rails and hand rails, access ramps, bathroom and kitchen modifications, mobility equipment and shower chairs.



People who care for family members are some of the most generous and dedicated members of society. Unfortunately, they often forget to be generous to themselves, meaning they get burnt out and run down.

Our respite services provide carers with a chance to rest and recover. Our social clubs will take over the care of loved ones for hours at a time, allowing carer to take some time for themselves. Some of our social clubs even offer overnight respite, providing carers with a real chance to recharge their batteries.

Carers can relax, knowing that the trained staff at BaptistCare will engage their loved ones in meaningful activities. These can include health and fitness pursuits, social events and craft classes.



It can be hard to keep pace with new technology. But mastering some of the basics will provide you with a range of benefits including the ability to stay in touch with friends and family, to research topics of interest and to complete chores such as grocery shopping and banking.

Our technology services teach people how to connect to the Internet and how to use technology such as Wi-Fi, smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

You can receive lessons on how to use technology to stay connected, how to connect to the Internet, and what hardware you’ll need. Being unable to use technology can be frustrating and very limiting, especially for those with reduced mobility. With our technology services, you’ll be able to connect with new devices and tap into the awesome power of the Internet.

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To discuss how you may be able to use BaptistCare's Your Independence services, call us on 1300 275 227.

1300 275 227

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