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Our Care Approach

Our care approach is more than receiving a high quality of service from our staff. It builds on a person's strengths in order to enhance health, wellbeing, independence and participation in a meaningful life. It's about providing the resources and support to help our clients on their journey. It's about giving that genuine human connection.

We provide a range of support through our chaplains as well as through programs like 'Stronger Carers' aiding carers for those with dementia in feeling supported, enabled and empowered. It's what makes the difference in receiving life transforming care that you can trust. 

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    Living With Dementia

    Our resources guide will help you help maximise independence, safety, security and leisure for people living with dementia at home!
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    Our chaplains are here to support you through life’s experiences - even if you’re not religious. They offer a listening ear, a compassionate presence, prayer and friendship.
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    Connecting Through Music

    Music can have a profound effect, and can help evoke memories and emotions and that's why, we use personalised music playlists to improve quality of life
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    Stronger Carers Peer Support Program

    Our Stronger Carers Peer Support program provides support to people who care for someone living at home with dementia

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