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Australians are living longer than ever and want to stay at home as they age. These tips can help you to live an independent life longer in & around your home.

Homecare advantage #1
Save money

Homecare advantage #2
Stay in familiar surroundings

Homecare advantage #3
Maintain easy access to family and friends

Homecare advantage #4
Maintain greater independence

Australian Senior Fact #1
Falls are the leading cause of hospitalisation for senior Australians around the home.
⅓ of Australian adults 65+ will have a fall this year.
½ of Australian adults 80+ will have a fall this year.

Australian Senior Fact #2
Letters from the Queen (no. of Australians turning 100 per year)
Today 2643
2044 18567

By 2044 there will be 14x people more over age 85+


Stay Strong & Safe

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