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A Holistic Approach to Well-Living™

Over the past 12 months the BaptistCare at home team has initiated changes to the branding of its service, to better reflect our care for, and value of our customers. Home Services is now called ‘BaptistCare at home’, which articulates how we value helping our customers to thrive in their own homes.

We have also developed an all-inclusive approach to home care called Well-LivingTM, an evolution of our YouChoose program. Rather than viewing home care just as support to enable people to live independently, Well-LivingTM actively equips our customers to improve their quality of life in a holistic sense.

Well-LivingTM focuses on the health and wellbeing of our customers across three spheres: Be Well (physical health and mobility), Think Well (cognitive and emotional health), and Connect Well (social and spiritual).

Our team of Care Facilitators and carers focus on the re-ablement of our customers, with our staff diligently working with our customers to create personalised, achievable goals. We are incorporating more allied health staff into Well-LivingTM and training our staff to ‘do with’, rather than ‘do for’ our customers, in order to maximise their personal potential.

This year has seen our staff continue to build meaningful relationships with our customers, designing programs to meet their individual needs, and watching them thrive in the long-term.

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