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BaptistCare honours staff on Aged Care Employee Day

BaptistCare is celebrating Aged Care Employee Day on August 7 by recognising hundreds of long-serving aged care staff

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05 August 2022

News | BaptistCare

BaptistCare honours staff on Aged Care Employee Day

BaptistCare is celebrating Aged Care Employee Day on August 7 by taking the opportunity to recognise the dedication of hundreds of long-serving aged care staff, including those working across its aged care services in NSW and the ACT.

Remarkably, twenty percent of BaptistCare's home care and residential aged care staff have worked for the organisation for more than ten years.

BaptistCare CEO Charles Moore says the passion and commitment of aged care workers are incredible.

"I really do want to take a moment to call out the hardworking people across BaptistCare, and the broader sector who show up and work really hard day in and day out to ensure older Australians receive the care and respect they deserve."

Some of BaptistCare's longest-serving staff know the challenges and rewards of working in aged care better than anyone, and shared their thoughts about their careers.

Natasha Gannon, BaptistCare Caloola Centre, Wagga Wagga

Natasha Gannon has worked for BaptistCare for 26 years and is one of four staff members at the Wagga Wagga-based home to clock up more than 20 years.

"It has been a blessing to be a care service employee at BaptistCare for more than two decades," she said.

"I have compassionately seen to and supported many residents who have made my life more enjoyable and memorable for them being part of it."

"I hope my presence has given our residents a sense of comfort and calm, as my aim is to ensure they have a delicate and dignified level of care, matched with some light-hearted humour and a friendly hand to hold."

Brenda Ewings, BaptistCare Mid Richmond Centre, Northern Rivers

With 20 years under her belt, Brenda Ewings is one of four local staff members with more than 20 years service.

"I work as a cert four care worker in the cottage. I love my job. I find it very rewarding," she said.

"I love working for BaptistCare. They are very kind and supportive to the staff and are always there to help."

"I would tell new staff that it's a challenge but a very rewarding job. And there are lots of choices and many opportunities. BaptistCare is fantastic."

Andrea Austin, BaptistCare Niola Centre, Parkes

Aged Care Employee Day on August 7 marks a significant milestone for Andrea Austin. On that day, 34 years ago, she joined BaptistCare, and has cared for residents at Niola Centre ever since.

Andrea is one of nine staff members at Niola who have worked for BaptistCare for more than 20 years.

"My title is Care Supervisor. I love the facility. Niola is a family. A family for staff. A family for residents. A family for residents and their family," she said.

"There are a lot of people here with many years of experience. Very dedicated, loyal staff. Sadly many of us are in our 60s, and there will be a mass exodus soon. We need to get the younger ones to come through."

"You have to have heart. You need heart and dedication. I keep coming back to work because I love my job. I really love my job. And BaptistCare has always been supportive."

"The grass is not always greener on the other side. If the grass is green in your paddock, stay where you are."

Banche Gebryesus, BaptistCare Shalom Centre, Macquarie Park

Banche Gebryesus has cared for people at Shalom Centre for 22 years. Three of her colleagues have also worked there for more than two decades.

"I have worked as an assistant in nursing from 2000 in BaptistCare. When I started working, there was a minimum number of residents, and the premises were small. I have always wanted to serve elderly people, especially the elderly with dementia. I feel older people need more love and affection, and I feel that I have provided holistic care to the resident till now, to my understanding," she said.

"I am passionate about helping those who are in need, and I think my contribution can make a great difference in the life of others. I enjoy the work I am doing. I have been appreciated by many residents and family members, and I feel blessed to become a part of the journey of their life. I get happy when residents are happy and can understand their feeling when they are sad, and I try my best to resolve the issue."

"Since I have been working with BaptistCare the company has always taken care of the staff and appreciated the staff, provided encouragement and continuous training and improvement. I know the residents and their likes and dislikes because I have been taking care of them for a long period of time, and I am really connected to them and feel I am part of the family.”

"It is challenging yet satisfying because you can make a difference to people's lives."

Colleen Badman, BaptistCare Warena Gardens, Sutherland Shire

Colleen Badman has worked for BaptistCare at Warena Gardens for 20 years. Three of her colleagues have also worked there for two decades.

"I work as an RAO (recreational activities officer). I support and supervise residents at different activities within the facility. I spend a good amount of time chatting and reminiscing with residents and encouraging socialisation," she said.

"I love hearing the backstories of the residents. I only live five minutes away from the facility. Of course, I've met some wonderful people here over the years, and that includes staff as well."

"A career in Aged Care for nurses and hands-on carers is hard work. At the end of the day, the job is rewarding, but there are a few obstacles.

"Job satisfaction is a big drawcard. And if I had to describe BaptistCare in one word, that would be 'devoted.'"

Across NSW and the ACT., BaptistCare has vacancies in its home care and residential aged care services. Anyone passionate about working with older people is welcome to visit to learn more.