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Baptistcare Riverside’s roast loving retirees

Max Smeeth is the undisputed master of the spit roast at Baptistcare Riverside, a modern retirement living facility in Salter Point.

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Baptistcare Riversides roast loving retirees

18 February 2021

News | Retirement Living

Max Smeeth is the undisputed master of the spit roast at Baptistcare Riverside, a stylish and modern retirement living village in Salter Point.

Just ask the 70 to 75 barbeque lovers who turn up every Tuesday fortnight to share in his traditional spit roast dinner.

Armed with an array of fresh salads and a bottle of wine, they come together to enjoy the delicious flavours of perfectly cooked lamb, beef and pork.

According to Max, it all started seven years ago as a small social event to bring residents together over a meal.

It has now become a Spring and Summer Riverside tradition that is not only enjoyed by residents, but their families and friends too.

“In 2013, we successfully applied for a Building Community Grant through Lotterywest which enabled us to purchase our own spit roast oven,” said Max.

“But it’s not only about the food, it’s an opportunity to make lasting friendships and meet other members from across the Riverside community.”

On spit roast night, Max spends most of the day setting up, preparing and then cooking 20 to 30kg of meat in the oven located next to Riverside’s leafy alfresco area.

“I often get residents from the apartments calling out about how good the smell of the cooking meat is!” said Max.

Residents who come along contribute $5 towards the cost of food which gets them as much of the mouth-watering roasts and bread rolls as they would like.

Max said everyone gets behind the fortnightly get-togethers, and he is particularly grateful for the residents who help with the clean-up, to ensure the spit roast oven always looks sparkling and brand new.

“I also appreciate fellow barbeque lover and neighbour Terry McMahon, who keeps an eagle eye on the temperature during the roasting time,” said Max.

Spit roast nights are just one of the social activities that the residents of Riverside enjoy, along with craft and sewing groups, art group and brain-training game events.

The four-rink bowling green also gets plenty of use.

“I am so pleased that the roast nights have become what they are today, I hope the tradition will continue long into the future,” said Max.

With its stunning waterside location in leafy Salter Point, it’s not surprising Baptistcare Riverside is one of Perth’s most sought-after retirement villages.

Surrounded by natural parkland, lush trees and native vegetation and nestled by the Canning River, you could be forgiven for thinking you were in a secluded urban retreat.

All Baptistcare retirement villages such as Riverside, offer low-maintenance, affordable and secure self-contained accommodation, so you’re free to focus on the things you enjoy.

With a variety of retirement living facilities available across Perth, Margaret River, Busselton, Albany and York, we’re sure you’ll find an option just right for you.

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