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Centenarian Edna is proud to be living independently, with the help of BaptistCare home care services.

BaptistCare home care client Edna Goodwin is celebrating turning 100 and says she is extremely grateful to BaptistCare for the services they provide that enable her to enjoy her life. Happy Birthday, Edna!

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02 November 2020

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9 November, 2020

BaptistCare home care client Edna Goodwin is celebrating turning 100. Happy Birthday, Edna!

As a centenarian now, Edna is very proud to be living independently and is extremely grateful to BaptistCare for the services they provide. She says the BaptistCare staff “are very kind and caring”, and she regularly rings the BaptistCare office to thank them for looking after her so well. Her one treat each week is a visit to the hairdresser which she thoroughly enjoys, with BaptistCare home care services providing the transport and support.

Edna was born on 31 October 1920 and is the third child of seven children to be born to Alice and Chesterton Pilcher. Pilcher Lane in Burwood is named in recognition of the family who were bakers and had a business in the area for over 100 years. Edna attended Burwood Domestic High School followed by business college, then finding employment in Ashfield where she made lifelong friends.

After her mother passed away at the age of 44, Edna was responsible for caring for her younger siblings. When she was asked to volunteer to serve in the Land Army at the commencement of World War II, she was given dispensation as she was caring for the family.

In 1942, Edna was married at St Thomas’ Church of England in Enfield to Alfred Goodwin. Edna and Alf met at St Thomas’ and her relationship with the church spans over 80 years. Edna has many fond memories of her involvement there; from teaching Sunday school and scripture at the local school to baking jam and cakes for the church fete, an annual event which was a highlight of the church year. She also regularly helped to decorate the church with fresh flowers for Sunday services. Sadly, Alf passed away in 1975.

Alf encouraged Edna to learn to drive when she was in her early 50s and held her licence until she was 92 years old. Edna put her new skills to good use visiting elderly friends in aged care homes and transporting people to church who would otherwise not have been able to attend.

Now unable to attend services herself, she enjoys regular visits by her friends from her church congregation.

Edna’s lifelong focus has been on supporting, loving and serving her family and friends. She learnt to sew at a young age and made all her own clothes including beautiful ball gowns and clothes for her family. She also enjoyed knitting, gardening, reading and cooking.

Along with BaptistCare home care services, Edna is also very grateful to Meals on Wheels who look after her with affection and Strathfield Library Home Library Service know exactly what her reading preferences are.

Edna has lived in the local area of the inner west for most of her life also with short stays at the Northern Beaches. Only recently Edna’s family discovered that Edna was staying in a house in Collaroy with her family in 1950 when the Sydney criminal Darcy Dugan was arrested. He had been living in the house next door and hiding from the police. He was the criminal remembered more for the number of times he escaped jail than for the crimes that put him behind bars!

Edna takes great pleasure in watching the many varieties of birds who visit her garden splash in the birdbath next to her grevillea plants. Edna enjoys reading and keeping updated with the news, and the telephone is her lifeline and keeps her in contact with all her family and friends. Edna has two daughters, and is a loving grandmother of five and is also delighted to be a great-grandmother of seven children.

Happy 100th Birthday Edna, we wish you a wonderful time celebrating with your family and loved ones!

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