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Daunted to downsize? You're not alone.

When downsizing, it can be difficult to know where to start. Here are our top 3 tips and tricks.

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18 November 2022

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Daunted to downsize? You're not alone.

So, you’ve made the decision to downsize? Congratulations! Now you have to face the dreaded task of sorting, selling, donating and binning. It can be difficult to know where to start, so today we’re giving away our top 3 tips and tricks.

1. Start decluttering at least 3 months before you move

Whatever you do, don’t leave it to the last minute. We recommend taking your decluttering journey in a slow, methodical manner.

Do it one room at a time, one cupboard at a time. By working in smaller chunks, you can be more mindful about what to keep or throw. That means you won’t be so tempted to simply box it all up to be done with it.

2. Think about how you live 90% of the time

Be honest with yourself. Do you really need to squeeze that 10-seater dining table into your apartment just for Christmas day? Probably not. Think about how you live 90% of the time, and only bring items and furniture that suit your lifestyle. If you entertain big crowds once or twice a year you can always hire furniture for a reasonable cost.

BaptistCare retirement villages have community spaces you can use to entertain family and friends, if you need a larger space. Some villages have several outdoor areas (some with BBQ’s), a restaurant and a large multi-purpose room.

3. Sentimental items

It’s never easy to part with sentimental items, so keep these aside and make the decision at the end. Reach out to your family and friends to see what they would like to keep and what they’re not interested in. You can also take photos of these items. This allows you to leave them behind, while still having a reminder.

To help residents move into their new home at a BaptistCare retirement village, some villages have connected with some truly amazing local companies that can help you along the way. These include:

• A clear-out specialist who removes and ethically disposes of unwanted items from your home.

• An unpacking (and packing) service that can have you unpacked and settled into your new home in half a day.

• Real estate agents

• A removalist who is reliable and treats belongings with care and respect

Get in touch with your preferred BaptistCare retirement village if you’d like to learn more about downsizing.

How do I find a retirement village near me?

If you’d like to know more, contact us via the enquiry form below, and one of our friendly staff will be in touch to answer any questions you may have, otherwise, you can find your closest retirement village.

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