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Former FIFO worker returns to career in aged care

Former FIFO worker Dom Trombetta at Baptistcare William Carey Court in Busselton, returns to a rewarding career in aged care.

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Former FIFO worker returns to career in aged care

29 June 2021

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For former FIFO worker Dom Trombetta, Residential Care Manager at Baptistcare William Carey Court in Busselton, returning to a rewarding career in aged care was the right choice for him.

Joining Western Australia’s 60,000-strong FIFO mining workforce is a growing employment trend.

However, after a seven-month stint in Mount Magnet, Busselton’s Dom Trombetta, found that he missed the special sense of reward and fulfilment that he experienced over the 25 years he has worked in aged care.

So, the South West local has traded his fortnightly 1400km round trip to return to a career in aged care as Manager of Baptistcare William Carey Court Residential Care.

“Most people enjoy FIFO, but although the job was interesting, I missed the chance to genuinely connect with and care for people,” said Dom.

“Working in aged care gives you the opportunity to really make a difference in the lives of some of our most vulnerable seniors and it is hard to imagine anything more rewarding.”

The benefits of a career in aged care are both meaningful and personally satisfying as highlighted in the Commonwealth Government campaign to attract more people to work in aged care.

Bring your Thing, commissioned by the Aged Care Workforce Industry Council, highlights the diverse range of skills and professions employed across the industry including chefs, maintenance workers, and social coordinators for anyone interested in a career in aged care.

Baptistcare Chief Executive Officer, Russell Bricknell, said the non-profit organisation is always looking for people like Dom who share a passion for empowering older people and bringing richness to their day-to-day living.

“Our employees and volunteers are focussed on keeping residents healthy and safe, and providing companionship and support,” he said.

“We are delivering a new era of personalised aged care which is only possible because of the warmth, generosity and dedication of people who are genuinely invested in caring for ageing Western Australians.”

Dom said he is looking forward to strengthening Baptistcare William Carey Court’s links with the community and continuing to build the family atmosphere which is at the very heart of the facility.

“We live in a beautiful part of the South West and it is wonderful to be able to allow seniors to age with care and support in the local region they know and love.”

If you are interested in a career in aged care and would like to join the Baptistcare team as an employee, click here.

Follow this link for more information about Residential Care or contact us on 1300 660 640.