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Home care easy choice for 98-year-old Ronald

For proof that it’s possible to live independently at home well into your golden years look no further than 98-year-old Ronald Morrison.

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Home care easy choice for 98 year old Ronald

01 April 2020

News | Home Care

For proof that it’s possible to live independently at home well into your golden years look no further than 98-year-old Ronald Morrison.

With a helping hand around the house from Baptistcare Home Care, the spry nonagenarian continues to live in the Bayswater home he and his late wife Emma built in 1953.

“The best thing for me about living at home is all my life’s here, including my workshop where I like to spend time,” said Mr Morrison, whose weeks are busy with walks, singing groups and restoring the vintage motorbikes that have been a life-long passion.

“And if you’ve been blessed with good health, why not stay in your own home? There are other people with greater need than me. I’m not ready to take up a bed somewhere else yet.”

Like many older West Australians, Mr Morrison takes advantage of a government-funded tailored home care package through Baptistcare.

Baptistcare began lending the former air force engineer and his wife a hand around the house almost 20 years ago. Mrs Morrison, who died in 2007, had been living with dementia for several years and Mr Morrison had looked after her at home for much of that time.

Originally from the UK, the couple, who were married for 64 years, met during World War II when they were both in the Royal Air Force (RAF). They had been married less than a week when Mr Morrison was called up to fight. It was three years before they saw each other again.

In 1949 the couple moved from the UK to Australia where they built the Bayswater home Mr Morrison still lives in today.

“There are lots of memories here. The house has seen a lot of history,” said Mr Morrison.

“I’m happy at home; I receive the help I need and I enjoy life.”

Helping Mr Morrison live independently in his own home is Dorit Fleischer who has been visiting Mr Morrison at home for about 20 years as part of the Baptistcare Home Care team.

“She’s a lovely person and has been my main carer all that time,” Mr Morrison said. “That’s 20 years of really good service. And she irons beautifully. I get lovely ironed shirts to go out in.”

While Mr Morrison’s relationship with Baptistcare has remained constant over the years, the help he receives has always been personalised to suit his needs at the time.

As well as help with changing sheets, laundry and cleaning, Mr Morrison’s home care package has included help around the garden and, most recently, some personal care assistance. His home care team has also assisted with home maintenance, replacing old taps with new easy-action ones that are much easier to turn on and off.

“I have been surprised when I mention something and I’m immediately told there’s help available for that. And I do appreciate it,” said Mr Morrison. “It all happens very smoothly. I only have to mention something and quickly Baptistcare is on the job.”

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