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Local Lions’ magical gift for Margaret River seniors with dementia

A generous donation from the Margaret River Lions Club has brought cutting-edge interactive technology to seniors living at BaptistCare Mirrambeena Residential Care.

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Lions magical gift for Margaret River seniors with dementia web

13 April 2021

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Called the Tovertafel (TOVA-TAFF-AL) or magic table, it is giving residents who are journeying with dementia a new sense of joy and social connection.

The high-quality ceiling projector that beams light animations onto a table below was developed in the Netherlands for people with cognitive challenges.

Infrared sensors detect hand and arm movements allowing people to play games and interact with everything from colourful flowers and butterflies to bubbles and falling leaves.

Sounds add to the incredible physical and mental stimulation.

BaptistCare Mirrambeena trialled the Tovertafel earlier this year. Although the team was immediately impressed with the positive effect on residents, the $15,000 price tag was outside of their budget.

“Then something magical happened,” said BaptistCare Customer Engagement Consultant Lesley Longfield.

“Our dear friends at the Margaret River Lions Club saw the Tovertafel in action, and with their usual generosity and community spirit, decided to fundraise so we could purchase one for Mirrambeena.”

Vice President, Brian Pendergast, said the Margaret River Lions Club have had a long and close relationship with BaptistCare Mirrambeena and even have a wing named in their honour.

“Over the past decade, we have supported a range of initiatives for the Margaret River seniors who call Mirrambeena home, including one of our members, Don Miller,” he said.

“As soon as we saw the faces of the residents who were trialling the Tovertafel, we knew this was something worth getting behind.”

With the valuable assistance of the Australian Lions Foundation, the Margaret River Lions Club members raised the $15,000, and last week the Tovertafel was at BaptistCare Mirrambeena.

Brian and some of his fellow Lions Club members were on hand for the state-of-the-art games console’s official unveiling.

They were rewarded with huge smiles and laughter from the first residents to participate in the interactive activities.

Lesley Longfield said the Baptistcare team has already seen a transformation among many of the Memory Support Unit residents who are typically quiet or unable to vocalise their thoughts.

“We see a sparkle in their eyes, and the Tovertafel is not only keeping people stimulated and happy, but it is also helping them engage with each other around the table.

“The Tovertafel is truly unique, and we can never thank the Lions enough for such a wonderful gift.”

Brian Pendergast says making a meaningful contribution to the community is what being part of the Lions is all about.

“I am proud to say that our fundraising efforts support local, national and international projects,” he said.

“The Margaret River Lions Club welcomes anyone with a great sense of community to join them in supporting others.

“It is a great feeling to give back and make a difference.”

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