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Paws and applause for BaptistCare volunteer at Moonya Residential Care

Singing may have started as a childhood hobby but it is now a fulltime passion for Howard Owens who volunteers at Baptistcare Moonya Residential Care.

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Paws and applause for Baptist Care volunteer at Moonya Residential Care

29 November 2021

News | Aged Care Homes

For the past three years, Howard has been entertaining seniors living at Baptistcare Moonya Residential Care with classic 60s, 70s and 80s tunes with his faithfull Border Collie Kip always at his side.

Howard said music brings back wonderful memories for older people and can evoke positive emotions and connections.

“If they recognise a song that I’m playing, they’ll start singing along,” Howard said.

While volunteers add richness to the lives of Moonya’s residents, Howard insists he reaps the biggest rewards.

“I like the companionship and personal connections that come from spending time at Moonya and volunteering has taught me a lot about myself.”

Baptistcare Moonya in Manjimup is always on the lookout for volunteers follow this link to find out more.