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Resident testimonial: what’s life like in a residential aged care home?

Annette, a Parkes local, moved into BaptistCare Niola residential care home eight months ago. She sat down with us to share her experiences of residential care.

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Annette Resident Testimonial 04

11 January 2024

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I’ve been a local person in Parkes nearly my whole life.

I was born in Junee and moved here with my family when I was just four years old.

Before retirement, I worked as a nurse in the old Parkes hospital. I was there for around 15 years before moving into aged care nursing after I became a parent.

I’ve enjoyed the beautiful busyness of family life – my daughter Katrina now lives in Newcastle. We’re all incredibly proud of her – she’s achieved two degrees and has a very successful job.

And now, here in my twilight years, I find myself a resident at BaptistCare Niola Aged Care Home. I moved in just over eight months ago, and whenever people ask me if I’m enjoying life here, I tell them straight – I love it. I just feel so spoilt living here.

What are the benefits of life in residential care?

You might get on okay at home by yourself, but loneliness starts to become a problem, especially if you're living by yourself. I don’t think you realise just how lonely you are until you move into an aged care home and suddenly have people around you.

It can take a bit of getting used to if you’re used to being by yourself a lot, but it’s worth it.

There are many different people here to talk to and get to know – including residents and the excellent staff.

According to Annette, life in residential care offers meaningful connections and friendships.

Aged Care homes are also a great place to be if you get to the point where you can’t look after yourself anymore at home or keep up with the housework. Here at Niola, we have the care we need right at our fingertips and all our household chores taken care of for us.

I have my washing organised by others and delivered back to my room. I have all my meals cooked for me, always freshly prepared and home-cooked, just how I like them.

What activities do you like to be involved in?

BaptistCare residential aged care homes have an engaging program of lifestyle activities for residents.

So many activities are on offer here, and you can choose to participate as much or as little as you like.

I tend to get involved as much as possible as I like to stay active.

There are creative groups like knitting circles, painting and flower pressing, game and puzzle sessions, and exercise groups like chair-based exercise and yoga.

We even have shows and performances that come to us! This afternoon, I’m off to watch the Irish dancers who have come to put on a show for us in the residential aged care home.

Would you recommend BaptistCare residential aged care?

Yes, I absolutely would. I’ve had nothing but a positive experience with BaptistCare. The staff are so caring and genuine, and the facilities in the aged care home are top-notch. As I say – I just feel so utterly spoilt living here.

Niola Chef
Annette says that one of the things she loves most about BaptistCare Niola is the delicious food – always freshly prepared by our onsite chefs.

I often end up in conversations with other people at my stage of life around town, and I’m sometimes asked what it’s like living here at BaptistCare Niola. For example, I met a gentleman yesterday who said he wasn’t happy where he was but had heard ‘great things about BaptistCare Niola' – he was even thinking about moving here! I think BaptistCare’s reputation in a regional town like this speaks for itself.

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