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Decades of BaptistCare experience shared with Japanese Domestic and Family Violence support teams

The BaptistCare Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence team recently welcomed a delegation from Japan to learn about the support and services we provide.

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12 March 2024

News | Counselling & Family Services

For over 30 years BaptistCare has supported people impacted by domestic and family violence and now the expertise we have is helping communities across the globe.

A delegation from Tokyo’s Bureau of Social Welfare spent some time with BaptistCare staff to learn more about the whole of family approach BaptistCare implements from support for women and children who have experienced, to working with men through the behaviour change program.

Jeff Taylor, a BaptistCare Clinical Services Lead, said the international learning shows the success of the work being done by BaptistCare teams.

“We have forged the way within difficult social, economic and political landscapes to ensure all of our society is safe from violence,” he said.

“In doing so we break the cycle of abuse and trauma and reduce the impact on the next generation.”

Jeff said it was great to be able to talk through BaptistCare’s pursuit to keeping everyone safe in our communities.

“To be able to showcase how we reduce stress and trauma through what this process for the community and how support people in a way that transforms society for the better.”

You can learn more about the work done by BaptistCare domestic and family violence teams or access support via our website.

Image: Yasuko Nishizawa, Hisanori Yamasaki, Hazuki Watanabe, Tomoki Isotani, Ayano Horio and Mayu Fujita from the Tokyo Bureau of Social Welfare with translator Kayoko Otake and BaptistCare's Jeff Taylor.