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Wellness Boosters

We all need a mental wellbeing boost from time to time. These 10 simple tips can make a world of difference.

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23 August 2021

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Wellness Boosters

We all need a mental wellbeing boost from time to time. These simple tips can make a world of difference.

If your happiness levels need a top-up, these great wellbeing-boosters may help.

  1. Spend time outside. Being around nature can lower your stress levels – even five minutes wandering in green spaces can lift your mood. Why not have a picnic in a local park or a gentle stroll around the village?
  2. Try something new. Ever tried yoga? What about photography? You can watch videos of these on YouTube, or enrol in a night class – you’ve got nothing to lose by giving them a go!
  3. Help someone in need. There are lots of ways to help others in your community – and you’ll feel instantly better when you do. Consider donating your time to a local charity, or helping maintain nature spaces with Landcare Australia, for example.
  4. 4. Listen to music you love. Music can have a positive impact on mood, so why not tune into your favourite radio station? Or if you’ve got the Spotify app, listen to a playlist in your favourite genre. “I am always playing my favourite Spotify playlists: ‘Songs to Sing in the Car’, and ‘Happy Pop’,” says Sales Director, Alison Abel.
  5. Move your body. Walking is a sure-fire way to improve your energy and your mood. If you’re not able to walk far, even short bursts of walking – during a TV ad break, for example, or while you’re on the phone – will do you the power of good.
  6. Try mindfulness. It might sound too simple to be effective, but being present in the moment can help you let go of worry. Give it a go by taking a few slow, deep breaths into your belly and paying attention to what you can see, hear, smell and feel right now. Ali does this as part of her morning coffee ritual. “I savour every sip while preparing my mind for the day ahead,” she explains. “I normally repeat to myself 10 times: ‘I am going to have a great day’. Setting a positive intention has become a really important part of how I remain positive (even during times when it is hard).”
  7. Read a book. If it’s been a while since you got immersed in a mesmerising novel or a fascinating non-fiction tale, pick up a new read from the library. Ali recommends Lady In Waiting by Anne Glenconner. “Anne was the lady-in-waiting to Princess Margaret,” Ali explains. “What I particularly loved about this book was through a lifetime of adversity, Anne still remained positive in her outlook.”
  8. Activate gratitude. Focusing on all the good things that have happened so far today can help you feel happier. It could be anything from a satisfying cup of tea to hearing birdsong.
  9. Do something you love. Devoting time to an activity you enjoy will pay off. You could get creative with activities such as playing a musical instrument, painting, writing or craft, which can have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing. Ali has recently discovered a passion for paddle-boarding. “It quietens my mind and helps with stress levels,” she says.
  10. Change the feel of your space. Adding touches such as house plants, photos of your favourite people or scented candles to your home can change the way it feels. “I believe scents can change your mood,” says Ali. “I love nothing more than burning a candle, oil diffuser and being still.”