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What Do You Find Rewarding About Aged Care Jobs?

There are so many rewarding aspects of aged care that often go unnoticed – because they are behind the scenes or in the hearts of the people who dedicate their working lives to serving others.

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30 August 2022

Stories | Home Care

What Do You Find Rewarding About Aged Care Job?

There are so many rewarding aspects of aged care that often go unnoticed – because they are behind the scenes or in the hearts of the people who dedicate their working lives to serving others. If you're looking for an opportunity to make an impact, learn more about what it’s like to work in aged care with these stories from BaptistCare staff across NSW and the ACT.

Our Amazing Aged Care Staff

At BaptistCare, our aged care staff are our most important asset. They are the ones who provide care and support to our residents, and they do it with compassion and dedication. Our team members come from all walks of life, but they all have one thing in common: a passion for helping others which can only be found in aged care jobs.

Careers in aged care can be one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. You have the opportunity to empower people to live their best life possible. On many occasions, you will witness miracles firsthand. From the moment you meet people, you become part of their family.

These are some of the stories from our talented and passionate BaptistCare team.


"I think the biggest thing I enjoy working for BaptistCare is the interaction you get with people. It's the little things like you meet someone for the first couple of visits at home and they have no idea who you are and you get to you get to know them and you get to learn their name and their history and the biggest kick you get is when someone who is an older person who doesn't get a lot of social interaction remembers your name for the first time."


"To work at BaptistCare. I just what it means to me is just like helping people be able to stay in their homes, still have the independence and just be able to enjoy their lives because we've only got one life and we want to be able to enjoy it until the very last moments well."


"I've been working for BaptistCare for five years now and ever since day one, I thought to myself, wow how rewarding and fulfilling is this job to meet fantastic people and also work with staff able to as a group interact with each other and you work as a team which is really a strong benefit to work for these clients that we have."


“I love working for older people. Since I started working at BaptistCare even from my previous experience, I realised our seniors do need a lot of supporting. Me being a clinician it's really important for the elderly because we need to understand not just about their physical health I also need to be able to support their daily activity daily living and that's something they need in daily life it's part of the services that we offer BaptistCare yeah.”


“I just love the elderly people I love their stories they tell you, i love looking after them in their own home I love the fact that they can stay in their home own home as long as possible that's where they've lived there for such a long time and anything that you can help them with that can let them stay there as long as possible the better is for them.”


“As somebody that has had a father that was quite unwell and BaptistCare did come and work for my dad, that's what brought me into it because I had such a high regard of BaptistCare that I wanted to work for BaptistCare you know, being able to help people and help their independence so that they can stay at home they really tell me how important it is to have us come and you feel needed and you feel appreciated like it's a rewarding job because you feel good about what you're doing and they thank you and you know they tell you I couldn't you know I couldn't be here without your help and yeah it's rewarding.”


“It's like going into a family's home. I just love the people. I love the atmosphere when I get there; they are always so welcoming and I get a great response.

I hope that when I get old, one day I'll have someone come into my home and, you know, take care of me the way that I see my colleagues and myself take care of our clients.”

Why Baptistcare?

BaptistCare is the leading not-for-profit aged care provider employing over 3,500 staff across NST and the ACT. We offer aged care jobs in ACT and aged care jobs in Sydney. We have been serving the aged and people living with disadvantage for over 75 years and are passionate about making a difference in the lives of those we serve.

Career Opportunities In Aged Care

Baptistcare offers many jobs in aged care for those looking for a rewarding career. From AIN jobs in Sydney such as nurses and personal carers, to support roles such as hairdressing jobs in aged care and catering assistant jobs in aged care, there are many ways to get involved.

At BaptistCare, our team is talented and dedicated, and we believe that everyone has the right to age with dignity and respect. We are always looking for new team members who share our passion for making a difference. If you are interested in joining our team, please visit our careers website or contact us today.

View our current job vacancies and join the team today, it’s more than just a job:

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When you work with us we offer:

  • Genuine commitment to work-life balance
  • Guaranteed hours and pay
  • Up to $15,900 of your income tax free
  • $2,650 tax free card for accommodation, meals and entertainment
  • Reward and recognition programs
  • Self-care program to help all employees flourish
  • Learning and development training
  • Career pathway opportunities
  • Earn a nationally recognised aged care qualification – Traineeships
  • Be a part of a working network of 3,500 colleagues, making a difference everyday

As part of our selection process we require all employees to have current COVID-19 Vaccinations.

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