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Yarra Rossa Retirement Village is a dream come true

When Joy was younger, she used to dream of a blissful retirement where she could sit on a high balcony and watch the world go by.

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17 August 2022

Stories | Retirement Living

When Joy was younger, she used to dream of a blissful retirement where she could sit on a high balcony and watch the world go by.

Now, in her 70s, she spends many mornings on the sun-soaked balcony of her brand-new apartment at Yarra Rossa retirement village, thrilled that her dream has come true.

“It is absolutely everything I’ve ever wanted,” enthuses Joy. “It’s brand new so I feel like I’m living in a resort – that’s how it feels because it’s lovely. It’s upmarket and it’s got everything you could want.”

Joy first visited BaptistCare’s Yarra Rossa Retirement Village during its construction, accompanying a friend who was considering moving in. Although she loved the look and feel of the village, Joy assumed it was out of her price range so didn’t pay much attention while keeping her friend company.

Having recently divorced, Joy’s financial situation was a little tricky – but a comment by the sales team helped her realise that the retirement lifestyle Yarra Rossa offered might be a viable option.

“I was looking at it and thinking, ‘there’s no way I can get in here’, and you half turn off. It wasn’t till the very end when I heard something that made my ears prick up,” Joy recalls.

The words ‘flexible financial options’ were music to Joy’s ears. It meant she could reduce the cost of a one bedroom apartment by 50% – putting it right in her price range. She, and her family, won’t get any money back when she leaves, but that option suits her perfectly.

As well as affordability, security was another major focus for Joy. As a single woman, feeling safe in a retirement village was essential.

“To know when I get into bed that there is at least two secure locks between me and anybody else, that’s a great feeling,” she says. “As you get older it’s great to know you don’t have to worry about that. If you hear a noise, all you have to do is report it, and you’re secure and safe.”

Joy previously lived in a three-bedroom house in Goulburn, but with generously proportioned living areas and ample storage in her one-bedroom unit, she couldn’t believe how much of her belongings she’s been able to keep.

Another thrilling discovery was the kitchen’s ease of use. “Yesterday I made a cake for my granddaughter’s 16th birthday. I don’t do a lot of baking, but it was just so easy to do, because standing in the kitchen, I can reach everything. It’s very convenient to cook in the oven. So I am delighted, I really am.”

With her long-held dream realised, Joy is loving life, secure in the knowledge she can age in place (with a BaptistCare aged care home nearby if she needs it down the track) without putting pressure on her children to look after her.

“The other day I sat down the chair and I had the music playing and I thought, ‘this is life!’” she says. “I’m relaxed. I feel really happy for the first time for a long, long time and no fears about what could happen. I just love this place."

We can all remember a time when the place we lived wasn't just a street or suburb, but a real community. At BaptistCare, we take pride in the facilities and services we offer, but it's our communities that make all the difference. Our residents take pride in their community and look out for one another, because real community means true friendships.

You'll enjoy all of the benefits of life in a BaptistCare retirement living community like having your lawns and gardening taken care of, property upkeep, onsite events and activities, and friends to watch over your place while you're away, so you'll be able to spend more time doing the things you love.

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