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Windale, NSW


Shop 1, 124 South Street Windale NSW 23064032 4810

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Food & emergency relief support available right now

HopeStreet is ready and able to support people and families with food and emergency relief support via pick up or delivery to you. Anyone in need or struggling to afford food can visit or call us today.

  • Low Cost Food Shop open 9.30am - 2pm Monday – Friday, including Secondbite. Foodbank items are available on Wednesday only.
  • Casework support can be reached on 0490 127 786
  • Chaplaincy support can be reached on 0491 157 079
  • All further support can be reached on 4032 4810

Our HopeStreet - Windale centre offers a refuge for people experiencing suffering and disadvantage.

Homelessness, drug addiction and mental illness are some of the issues faced by the people that visit us here; exacerbated by food and housing unaffordability, unemployment and isolation, the situation is desperate for many.

We strive to provide hope for people experiencing great trials, through care and services that address these issues, while also looking to strengthen and support the local community.

As a safe place and a judgement-free zone, our team offers friendship and a real sense of community in place of loneliness and isolation.

What We Do