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Client Stories - Chris

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I’m Chris Davies and being helpful is important to me.

I’m 70. I’m a father of two, grandfather of seven and great-grandfather of two. I’m a retired truck driver and widower. My wife died five years ago. I’ve been here in this little place for 10 years, it suits me down to the ground.

My wife was a person who would talk to everybody and anybody on any subject, and we met a lady with her mother in Coles one day. They got talking, and they became friends. After my wife died, I learned that the lady is a carer for BaptistCare. She rang me and suggested I come out and do the outings. It opened up a whole new era for me.

I’ve been going down to the supermarket to buy the groceries every week, but it’s a task. Associating with all those people, looking at their side of life as well as mine, it’s not as hard as I thought it was. I think it’s all because of BaptistCare.

It’s fun

There’s always conversations about stupid things going on in the bus when you’re traveling. I was asked once what my favourite meal was, and I said, “Lambs fry and bacon.” You should have heard the uproar. “Ah. I don’t like that.”

When we go out, I try to be helpful. I can’t stand back and watch other people do things if I’m capable of doing it. I’ll get off the bus first and I’ll put my hand out and I’ll help the ladies out of the bus. If there’s a chair that needs pushing, I’ll do that. It keeps me active. It keeps me going. The smiles I get from everybody is what matters. They thank me for being helpful.

The last five years has been great with BaptistCare looking after me. Bringing me on, and talking to the all the ladies, the employees, and several of them are extremely good people. It’s been good. I’m glad I took the advice and joined up with them.

To find out more, contact the BaptistCare Customer Engagement Centre on 1300 275 227.