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Downsizing doesn’t mean loss of freedom

Before Steve and his wife Philipa moved into BaptistCare Aminya Village, located in Sydney’s Hills District, they had been researching options extensively.

Aminya Village ticked so many boxes for them; no stairs, accessible public transport, parking, and storage. Steve was also very happy to have a local golf course he could use!

Moving into Aminya Village did require needing to downsize all of their furniture. But as Steve explained, “Downsizing didn’t mean a loss of freedom, in fact, it gave us more.”

Steve and Philipa love the range of services on offer in the village and the fact that all of their home maintenance, including the care of the beautiful gardens, is taken care of by BaptistCare.

Philipa is grateful they have found a village that has become home. “Aminya Village feels very much like home, I’m very, very happy here. It’s a lovely, happy place,” she said.

Aminya Village is located on the same site at BaptistCare Aminya Centre and provides residents with the reassurance that as they age and their needs change, there are comprehensive services and facilities available nearby.


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