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Pastoral care volunteers provide support

We continue to partner with churches to help them provide pastoral care throughout NSW and the ACT, by training people in the Spiritual Care Series.

The Spiritual Care Series is used to train Pastoral Care Volunteers and this financial year, we trained nearly 90 people using this series and engaged with over 20 churches.

Series topics include understanding the ageing journey, spirituality in ageing, the power of storytelling and grief, loss, death and dying.

Our Pastoral Care Volunteer team, now comprising 155 remarkable volunteers, extends the work of our chaplaincy teams by providing support to residents in our aged care homes and our BaptistCare at home customers.

2020 has proved a difficult year for our Pastoral Care Volunteers due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions placed on volunteers entering aged care homes and our customers’ homes. However, our volunteers proved their commitment to supporting our customers by creatively finding ways to connect with our customers, with phone calls, writing letters and emails, sending cards and letting our customers know we’re still thinking of them.

Our Pastoral Care Volunteers continue to bring encouragement and the loving presence of Jesus to those who are isolated, ill, lonely or living with disadvantage due to health or age-related issues.

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