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Pivoting into a new world of learning

Our Learning and Development team transitioned the organisation to a new Learning Management System, My Learning, in August 2019. The new platform provides an improved user experience including search, tracking learner progress and reporting.

Volunteers were also converted from their former learning platform across to the organisation’s My Learning platform in June 2020.

Our learning and development team also responded quickly to the evolving COVID-19 environment, producing and providing our employees with access to in-house webinars, while workshops previously scheduled were moved online.

New mandatory COVID-19 training was launched in March 2020 and completed by all operational staff.

A series of new COVID-19 courses were established, drawing on the latest information from a variety of trusted public sources, BaptistCare’s presented employees with a COVID-19 course to cut through the confusion and offered an in-depth look at what a coronavirus is and what makes COVID-19 unique.

Additional webinars to assist employees navigate the changing nature of work and home life were also rolled out.

A total of almost 55,000 courses were completed in this financial year, including almost 37,700 eLearning modules and nearly 17,000 seminars.

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