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Alayacare/ORTEC, helping us care for staff and clients

Streamlined customer management and scheduling systems sound complicated, but they ensure we continue offering quality care to our BaptistCare at home clients.

In November 2019, we began implementing a pilot program of our new AlayaCare/ORTEC systems in the Central Coast/Hunter region. Each of these systems has many features which increase the productivity of our staff and reduce administration time, allowing our staff to better care for our clients.

Through an app, staff can access scheduling and attendance rosters and client information, equipping our staff to know more about our customers and their needs before they arrive at their door.

Despite initial integration challenges and delays caused by COVID-19, AlayaCare/ORTEC has been well-received by our operational staff who have readily adopted the phone app, and administrative staff who appreciate the significantly reduced workload.

“The apps were easy to learn, a great time saver and reduced the need for overuse of documentation,” says Rosemary Tytherleigh, Care Service Employee.

Further regions across BaptistCare at home will integrate AlayaCare/ORTEC over the coming financial year, while a second stage of the project will involve customer-focused usage, allowing customers to access their schedules and invoices through a family portal.


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