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Willandra residents receive COVID vaccinations

Village residents feel positive and eager for new vaccine

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In late April, several residents from BaptistCare Willandra Village in Macquarie Park waited patiently in the RE Walker Hall to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations.

Coordinated and administered by Macquarie University, General Practice Clinic, Retirement Living Manager, Ami Trivedi was pleased to see the turnout of residents and happy with the timely rollout for the village.

“The clinic has been great in managing the rollout for Willandra. The residents are familiar with the doctors and nurses administering the vaccine, as they run the clinics for the village twice a week. So it has been a simple process with residents coming in for a consult with the doctor, and then straight to their vaccination,” said Ami.

In conversation with residents after their vaccinations, many were keen to share their own thoughts about the vaccine.

Resident Brian Philpott said, “I have no qualms about getting the vaccine. One more wouldn’t hurt, and yes, I am feeling positive about it.”

Willandra resident of nine years, Ruth Lynton said, “Fine, yes, I’m positive. Six of one and half a dozen of the other, and you need to have faith.

Administering nurse Nasim said she could understand if people were feeling hesitant about getting a new vaccine. “Everything is going really well with the clinic and running to time. I can understand people feeling unsure about a new vaccine, but overall it has been very positive. I even got the jab myself.”

A resident since 2013 and at 84 years of age, Shelia Matejicek said, “It’s wonderful we have a vaccine, and I’m happy to have it. It’s a sensible thing to do,” she shared.

Willandra Village will have their second round of vaccinations in a few weeks’ time.

Willandra resident Brian Philpott receives his vaccination.

Eight-four-year-old resident Shelia Matejicek receives her vaccination.

Willandra residents Elizabeth Cullen (L) and Patricia Foley (R) wait for their vaccinations.