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"Call, don’t fall"

There’s a catchy new tune that is circulating around our BaptistCare homes called "Call, don't fall" promoting April Falls Month.

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11 April 2024

News | Aged Care Homes

There’s a catchy new tune that is circulating around our BaptistCare homes and resonating in our ears

The song, “Call, don’t fall” was written by Lifestyle Coordinator, Petrina Becker from BaptistCare Carey Gardens to promote April Falls Month® which runs throughout April.

The catchy tune, with backing vocals and instrumentals has the memorable chorus:

“Call, don’t fall, call, don’t fall, move with your aid and take your time. Let’s all stay strong together, steps so sure, we will never fall.”

The song promotes residents using the “call button” to alert employees when they have a fall or need help. The song stresses the importance of taking measures such as keeping rooms clutter-free, using lights at night to help with visibility, and also ensuring that residents move slowly to prevent falls.

Petrina, the creative mind behind the lyrics, used Suno AI, a website and app that allows users to create their own songs, generating vocals and backing instrumentals using lyrics that the user puts into the app.

So far, the song has had a positive reception, and has been distributed to all BaptistCare Lifestyle Coordinators to use.

“During April Falls Month®, we try to promote awareness about the impact of falls, but this time I was inspired to write a song to help get the message across,” said Petrina.

“Statistics show that 37% of injury-related deaths are caused by falls, and that 30% of over 65’s fall each year - that’s astonishing.

“As Lifestyle Coordinators, we’re here to help residents to stay physically strong through promoting regular exercises in our activities, including balance exercises, and the song helps reinforce this message in a fun way.”

During April the home ran activities to coincide with April Falls Month®, including an “inappropriate shoe toss game”, where residents were encouraged to throw out shoes that would be inappropriate to wear when trying to reduce falls - eg. high heels, heeled boots and wedges.

Petrina has also produced a video version of the song which features residents and employees dancing and singing to the tune around BaptistCare Carey Gardens.

When asked if she has plans to write further songs, Petrina laughs.

“I’ve already written some other songs. One of them is about loneliness and mental health and another is about the experience of dementia from a resident’s perspective - and there are more!”

“I think I might just have an aged care musical in me!”

To watch the official “Call, don’t fall” video, click below: