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David’s rego reprieve as cost of living soars

Nearly half of Australians are worried about making ends meet.

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03 June 2022

News | HopeStreet

Nearly half of Australians are worried about making ends meet, according to recent Vote Compass data1. Rated as the second most important issue for voters prior to the Federal election, economic pressure on individuals and families really starts to pinch when it comes to big and essential payments like the car registration being due.

David, one of our BaptistCare No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) clients, said he’s been listening to the discussion around the inflation rate on the radio. “Things are getting ridiculous. Even my friends in America are asking ‘How do you survive? We’ve just found out how much you pay for petrol and food!’. When’s it going to stop?” asks David.

David, who lives in Sydney’s south-west, has used no interest loans for the last four years to help him pay his car rego. “On top of everything else, car expenses are not cheap. I’ve just had to pay for a new windscreen because of the potholes along the M5 – that alone cost me $350,” said David.

“I use my car for everything really, to get my groceries, to get to see my kids. The no interest loan is a godsend, especially when you’re on a low income like I am at this point of time. I’d be lost without it,” said David.

“Truthfully if the loan wasn’t available I don’t think I would be able to have a car. That’s how tight things are with maintenance, insurance, CTP.”

Every year David connects with Melissa Vincent from our BaptistCare Campbelltown NILS team to organise the loan payment.

“The process is so easy. Melissa and I tend to have a chat about how we are going, how the families are. She’s brilliant. It makes it so easy dealing with someone who is so genuine. And I only pay $28 a fortnight – I don’t see it and I don’t miss it. That’s the best thing about it.”

David originally had a hard time finding affordable and fair finance. “I ended up hearing about BaptistCare and their NILS program through church. I was able to make the enquiries and it has been helpful ever since,” said David.