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What is MyTeam?

MyTeam is one of the many tried and tested care initiatives that BaptistCare employs across our residential aged care locations in NSW and ACT to enhance the wellbeing and peace of mind for residents, the resident’s family and our BaptistCare aged care workers.

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My Team rollout continues h

06 October 2022

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What is MyTeam?

At BaptistCare, we believe that true care comes with love. It’s what defines us as a not-for-profit organisation serving the aged and people living with disadvantage for over 75 years. During this time we’ve searched for better ways of delivering residential aged care, applying person-centred support and care that promotes wellbeing and quality of life.

It’s this thoughtful approach to focusing on residents that brought our MyTeam approach into fruition. In practice, we find therapeutic relationships developed across our teams, residents and their families.

What is BaptistCare's MyTeam approach?

MyTeam is one of the many tried and tested care initiatives that BaptistCare employs across our residential aged care locations in NSW and ACT to enhance the wellbeing and peace of mind for residents, the resident’s family and our BaptistCare aged care workers. It translates to residents experiencing consistent care team members who work with them and their families as part of a smaller and more connected team. Together, day to day care routines are based on each resident’s choices and decisions.

MyTeam is an approach that favours relationships.

Team members are assigned rosters with the same residents on an ongoing basis, In action, it gives them the time and understanding to get to know their residents, their choices and preferences in a respectful way that supports dignity. It is aged care that focuses on connecting with residents, knowing their stories and preferences, and supporting each person to live a meaningful life.

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How is MyTeam different to other aged care home services?

Some aged care homes rely on rotating rosters where team members move from resident to resident on a daily basis. There is often a lack of familiarity for both the residents and the aged care workers, through not knowing who they will be assigned with on any given day. This can lead to a task-based approach, which focuses on time and efficiency. In this case personal choices and needs of each resident may not be consistently considered and the continuity of care across shifts and time is lost. This scenario makes relationships difficult to establish.

How does MyTeam improve quality of life?

We see genuine relationships are easily established between residents and team members. Names can be remembered by the resident as the team members remains a familiar and consistent part of their world. The result is a calmer environment with more comfortable residents who respond to their team members more openly, and often share ailments or concerns more frequently.

Here, the team member works with each individual resident, which increases the resident’s peace of mind, and contributes to the residents’ wellbeing. When a team member understands the person they are caring for, and know how they respond on their best and worst days, they are able to more intuitively support the person and flag concerns; this supports earlier intervention and better outcomes.

Here’s how MyTeam improves quality of life for you or your loved one:

  • Supporting you as an individual
  • Getting to know you and how you would like to receive care
  • Improving your continuity of care by increasing stability and familiarity in caregiving
  • Ensuring your daily life reflects your choices and preferences
  • Building relationships with family and friends

If communication is difficult for you, your family and friends can talk with your team members on your behalf about details of your life and their understanding of your preferred daily routine.

It’s not just the residents who benefit…

The positive response that BaptistCare has seen from implementing MyTeam across our aged care homes has multiple benefits beyond residents’ wellbeing. We often see a positive impact on both our BaptistCare staff and the family of the residents.

Our team members comment that their work is more meaningful due to the relationships they establish with both the resident and their family. They often report that they are happier to come to work, as they can see the ongoing difference they make in the lives of their residents.

“I am caring for residents on an entirely different level.”
~ BaptistCare aged care worker.

Families also benefit from the MyTeam approach. They know exactly who they can talk to when it comes to discussing their loved one’s care or their own concerns. They themselves have the opportunity to create stronger relationships with the MyTeam care team. And they see how their family member benefits from the consistent point of care.

“Team Nursing is fabulous – they know the residents very well. My husband knows the staff and is comfortable with them.”
~ BaptistCare Resident’s loved one.

Find a BaptistCare Aged Care home near you

If the MyTeam approach speaks to you and you are looking for residential aged care nearby, you can explore our BaptistCare Aged Care Home locations using this convenient online tool.

All of our aged care homes practice in the MyTeam approach and provide the highest quality of aged care in our warm and friendly communities.

Our well-trained staff can support a broad range of care needs to suit each of our residents: from those who are still fairly independent, to the ones with complex needs such as people living with dementia, right through to end of life care. We are here to be that extra support families need in ensuring their loved ones are well cared for and feel safe. Contact BaptistCare to find out how we can help you.

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