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Words of wisdom liked and shared at Baptistcare Gracehaven Residential Care

Baptistcare Gracehaven residential care residents in Rockingham share their words of wisdom with the younger generation.

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Words of wisdom liked and shared at Baptistcare Gracehaven Residential Care

01 April 2020

News | Aged Care Homes

When Baptistcare Gracehaven Lifestyle Coordinator, Kim Jordan, heard some residents giving valuable life advice to a 19-year-old therapy assistant, she instantly knew their wisdom deserved a wider audience.

Inspired by a life lessons campaign run by the St Clair Nursing Centre – located 17,500 km away in Missouri USA – she decided the best way to spread the wise words of the residents who live at Baptistcare Gracehaven was through social media.

Kim asked residents what their key piece of advice would be for millennials and Gen Z youth. Photos of each resident holding a piece of paper featuring their name, age and life advice were then uploaded to social media where people of all ages immediately started commenting on the wisdom of these seniors.

The initiative proved so popular with Baptistcare’s social media followers, other Baptistcare residential care facilities decided to get involved and invited their residents to participate.

Kim believes we can all learn something from listening to what the older generation has to say.

“One of the many privileges of working in aged care is that you get to hear the incredible life stories of the residents and benefit from their years of wisdom,” she said.

“Just because physically they may no longer be as capable, they have years of experience and such a great perspective about what matters most in life.”

Kim said the seniors who call Baptistcare Gracehaven home have loved the chance to give back to the community through the simple social media concept.

“It’s important to remember there’s so much joy in giving back,” said Kim.

“We need to create more opportunities for seniors to experience that sense of satisfaction and meaning that comes with helping others.”

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