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Caring for People

We love our people and we want to nurture diversity, inclusion and wellbeing in our workplace, and in the quality and inclusive care we provide to our residents, clients and tenants.

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What does this look like?

Our goal is to foster diversity, inclusion and wellbeing as part of our overall commitment to being an employer of choice.

  • In 2022/23 we were recognised by Diversity Council Australia as an Inclusive Employer. We are now a proud member of Diversity Council of Australia
  • Next, we’re on our way to developing a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy with clear priority areas for employees.
  • Our Flourish employee wellbeing program is a great start for us to continue building on.
  • We’ll be looking at wellbeing in our workplaces from a number of angles, including Work Health & Safety and Mental Health First Aid.
  • We will start benchmarking diversity and inclusion in our service-delivery, and identify relevant accreditations to assess our approaches and progress, as we strive to deliver inclusive care and support to our residents, clients and tenants.
  • We are nurturing our team, building our capabilities, and creating sustainability champions across BaptistCare.

We’re looking forward to providing more information on these initiatives as we progress.

Valuing Diversity

We acknowledge the unique background and individuality of each person, and are committed to providing a sensitive, well-informed, professional and safe environment where all people feel respected.

The following publications share our approach to valuing, loving and caring for all people:

Caring for People, Community and Planet

Caring for People, Community and Planet