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St Marys

St Marys, NSW

St Marys

HopeStreet St Marys0482 182 318

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HopeStreet Women's Services provides spaces of belonging, increasing safety and creating choice.

Women’s Services includes a Women’s Centre that is a safe place for women facing challenges and at risk of marginalisation in Western Sydney, including women involved in the sex industry and women facing domestic violence.

The core aims of Women's Services are to provide a sense of safety, increase the choices available to women facing difficult circumstances, and enhance a sense of belonging for the women who use the Space.

Women’s Services enables women (including transgender women) to access free, holistic and confidential professional support through a range of practical services including workshops and skills-based classes, counselling and case management, safe-sex kits and assistance with accessing health and government services.

If you need support now, please email us or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

What We Do

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