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Wallsend, NSW


58 Cowper Street Wallsend NSW 22870482 165 418
Opening Hours:
Mon - Thur 9.30am - 1.30pm, Fri 9.30am-12pm

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HopeStreet is ready and able to support people and families with food and emergency relief support. Anyone in need or struggling to afford food can visit or call us today. Social distancing and public health measures are in place to protect our clients and our staff.

Our current opening times and days are:
Monday - Thursday, 9.30am-1.30pm, Friday, 9.30am-12pm
or call us on 4032 5224 or 0491 158 348

Our HopeStreet - Wallsend centre is the first point of contact for people who are experiencing disadvantage.

With very few places to turn to, we provide hope to people who are isolated or living on the margins.

We promote a community that is open to anyone who is struggling, to have their immediate needs met, whether that is a nutritious meal, the chance to wash clothing and the opportunity to make friends. These are simple things many of us take for granted, but these things have the power to give hope to those who feel they have been forgotten.

Disadvantage is complex, so our team goes beyond the immediate needs of a person to know more about their story and to provide services and assistance that will meet their needs no matter where they are at in life.

What We Do