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Domestic and Family Violence

For over 40 years BaptistCare has provided support to individuals and families impacted by domestic and family violence.

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About Domestic and Family Violence

With a proven track record in supporting people impacted by domestic and family violence, we provide professional, compassionate and innovative services. Our whole of family approach supports women and children who have experienced violence, as well as men who use controlling and violent behaviours in their family relationships.

Building Safer Families

Our Counselling and Family Services team of experts provide the following support:

  • Women's and children's advocacy and support to improve safety, provide access to services and guidance
  • Counselling for individuals to meet the needs of all families members who are healing from the trauma of violence
  • Women's support groups, providing a safe space to gain understanding and begin the recovery process
  • Children's and adolescent support groups, for those who have experienced violence in the home
  • Men's Behaviour Change programs for men who have used violence and abuse and want to change
  • Family relationship services that target rebuilding family relationships once the violence has been addressed

Rebuilding Lives

Our BaptistCare HopeStreet teams also provide:

If you are in an urgent domestic violence situation and requiring emergency support, please dial 000, DV Line on 1800 656 463, Link2Home on 1800 152 152 or 1800 RESPECT.

Not In My House - Training Resource

BaptistCare's ‘Not In My House’ DVD vignettes and training manual were developed as a resource for educators involved in training workers to respond to domestic and family violence and for use in men’s behavioural change programs.

The Not In My House Training Resource is available via DVD or Manual. You can download the manual and order form here.

More Than Skin Deep

Sadly, when we scratch beneath the surface, we see that domestic violence often bruises beyond the skin.

More Than Skin Deep is BaptistCare’s initiative to educate on how you can recognise and respond to domestic violence.

Understand the many types of violence, and where you can find support, or how to respond to and refer someone you care about towards help.

Visit More Than Skin Deep to learn more

Learn more about Domestic and Family Violence

To learn more about Domestic and Family Violence, please visit our HopeStreet website.

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