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Health and Safety at BaptistCare

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Health and Safety at BaptistCare

BaptistCare takes your health and safety very seriously which is evidenced through our STAR approach.

STAR means: Stop, Think, Act, Review and is part of our communication to employees on how they can be continuously aware of staying safe while they are at work.

As part of our dedication to continuous improvement, we are working towards being recognised as a leader of workplace safety in the not-for-profit aged care and community services sector.

We are excited that recently BaptistCare NSW & ACT has been recognised, gaining certification under the Australian Standard AS/NZS4801 – Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems. This certification relates to our Residential aged care centres and our head office based at Norwest, NSW.

In a health and safety context, the certification sets BaptistCare apart from other aged care providers in Australia or New Zealand who have not achieved safety certification on the scale that we have at BaptistCare. This is because at BaptistCare we have a certified health and safety system and can use the certified logo (below).

The certificate of Approval for this certification, issued on 28/07/2020 and valid until 28/07/2023, says:

“The scope of the WHS management system audit is for all BaptistCare residential aged care facilities in NSW and ACT. Each residential aged care facility incorporates the following functional services to support the residents’ care – clinical; allied health; lifestyle co-ordination; respite; chaplaincy; hairdressing; catering; laundry; cleaning and maintenance services.”

This health and safety certification is another reason employees can have confidence in how thorough an approach BaptistCare takes to create a safe environment for our employees.