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How to Access Home Care

Finding out how to access Government-funded Home Care can be confusing. Here are five simple steps to help you access Home Care.

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Step 1. Register

To register, call the government service, My Aged Care service on 1800 200 422 or visit them online at

BaptistCare at home can also help you navigate the My Aged Care system as it can sometimes be complicated.

Step 2. Be Assessed

Next, a My Aged Care assessor will either discuss your situation over the phone or come to your home to assess the level of assistance you need. If you just need some basic or short term assistance with things like looking after your housework, personal care or shopping you may be approved for funded help via the Commonwealth Home Support Program.

If your needs are more complex, you will be approved for a Home Care Package at a level between 1 and 4, with Level 4 being the highest.

While you are waiting for funded care or if you are not eligible for funding, we can also support you with private Home Care at competitive rates.

Step 3. Wait for funding

Funding packages can take a while so may have to wait several months for your initial funding to come through.

BaptistCare at home can usually support with services funded via the Commonwealth Home Support Program while they wait for their package to be assigned to them.

Step 4. Choose a provider

Once your funding comes through, you will receive a letter saying your package has been ‘assigned’.

Now you can choose a provider such as BaptistCare at home to deliver your Home Care Services - we can manage all the paperwork from there.

Step 5. Choose how to use your funding

Now you can decide how you would like to use your Home Care funding. Remember, you have complete control over what services you choose.

With the help of your dedicated Care Facilitator, take your time and choose the services that are most important to you so that you can live your best possible life in the comfort of your own home.

Start enjoying the benefits of your Home Care services at home with your trusted provider.


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