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MyTeam® Approach

We believe that residents, families and consistent team members should all be partners in care – we call this the MyTeam approach.

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What is MyTeam?

MyTeam is all about you and the way you wish to live your life.

Residents, families and consistent team members are all partners in MyTeam. Our relationship based approach means that personal care is delivered by a smaller number of carers who get to know each resident’s choices and preferences.

In practice, this means the same team members provide personal care for the same residents, every day they work. It is care that focuses on connecting with residents, knowing their stories and preferences, and supporting each person to live a meaningful life.

Improving Quality Of Life

MyTeam improves quality of life by:

  • Supporting you as an individual
  • Getting to know you and how you would like to receive care
  • Improving your continuity of care by increasing stability and familiarity in caregiving
  • Ensuring your daily life reflects your choices and preferences
  • Building relationships with family and friends

If communication is difficult, your family and friends can talk with your team members on your behalf about details of your life, prior to entering the aged care home, and their understanding of your preferred daily routine.

MyTeam – The Lived Experience

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