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Pathways to Parenting

Pathways to Parenting is an 8 week course for parents with children in out-of-home care, or at risk of being in out of home care.

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Pathways to Parenting

Pathways to Parenting is a specialised 8 week parenting program for parents who have children in out-of-home care due to child protection concerns and who want to build healthier relationships with their children. Our program explores:

  • A safe place for sharing stories and experiences
  • Available support and resources
  • Grief and loss for both the parent and child/ren
  • Repairing the parent/child relationship
  • The parent you want to be
  • Child developmental needs
  • Skills in respectful communication

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Duration: 2.5 hours (for 8 weeks)

Where: HopeStreet Tuggerah

Cost: Free

Contact Us: 1300 130 225 or (02) 8713 4333 (mobiles)

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